How It Works

For Renters:

  • Search for vacation properties listed on Open Vacation Weeks
    From the home page, click on the map control buttons, or, key in the city or area, or, click on Advanced Search.
  • Search for Deals and Specials
    The color-coded palm trees on the map are individual properties that you can click on.  You can also select the view all specials option at the bottom of the page.
  • Search for Auctions of Specific Weeks
    Click on the "View All Auctions" button on the Home page, then use the search features on the left of the page.
  • Be Automatically Notified of Deals & Auctions for Specific Properties
    Once you find a property you want to keep an eye on, simply select the "notify me" option and register as a user.
  • Bid on Open Vacation Week Auctions
    Find the auction you are interested in and make your bid.


For Owners and Property Management Companies:

  • Use the Embedded Property Management Marketing Tools

    • Build your property profile information so that you can post deals and auctions quickly and easily when the time comes
      Register as a Property Owner first, then populate your property profile information.  Your listing will show up in vacation searches and renters can contact you for more information.  You can also post a special deal or auction at any time by accessing the "Manage Listings and Auctions" section of your dashboard.
    • Let the system build a database of vacationers that inquire about your property or bid on your auctions
      The renter contact information will post in your personal database when they contact you for more information or bid on you auctions
    • Use the Email Marketing Tools to build distribution lists and email templates to communicate specials and information to a specific audience
      Custom email templates can be sent to as many different groups, with as many different messages as you’d like.  This could be helpful when you have an open week coming up and want to send a special notice to other system users that have inquired about or stayed at your property before.  The email marketing tools can be accessed from the owner dashboard.
    • Use the Auction Tools to make sure your property gets rented
      Post auctions for open weeks so you can maximize your rental income.  Don’t worry, you are still in control of who is awarded the auction.  If you have legal, minimum age restrictions, you can screen bidders before awarding a winner and collecting rent.  Posting and managing Auctions is easy and can be accessed from the Owner Dashboard ("Manage Listings and Auctions").
    • Owner Dashboard
      Allows owners to manage their properties, view current and past activity, post auctions and manage email communications
    • Daily Digest
      A system tool that keeps the owner updated on important activities with his property such as being notified when bids are received and when auctions end.  The owner can set time frames and event notifications by going to Dashboard, Manage Profile, then Daily Digest Settings.