Rent Your Vacation Home

Don’t wait for vacation renters to come to you.

  • Take control of your marketing efforts
  • Entice renters to contact you
  • Leverage the technology that is already available to you.

In addition to advertising your vacation property, take advantage of the following unique features and tools:

Email Marketing Database

Your contact database will build automatically with each inquiry you receive. Use these contacts to market your property to a targeted audience that has already expressed interest. Create email groups and templates, then blast away to everyone at once!

Create Specials for Unrented Weeks

Included in your subscription is the ability to advertise last minute specials and discounts.

Auction Last Minute Vacancies

This unique feature creates a sense of urgency and maximizes last minute offers. You still control final screening and rental decisions.

Leverage Craigslist

For additional exposure, easily post your listings on Craigslist with a couple of clicks.

Contact Us

Send us a message.

Your vacation renters will love the navigation and features available to them as well:

“Notify Me”

This feature allows renters to click one button to add a property to their wish list. When that property goes on special or auction, an email is automatically sent to the renter.

Google Maps Pin Placement

Everyone knows how to use Google maps, with double-click drill downs, toggle to satellite and pan capability.

Easy Search Terms

The most flexible search capability available makes it easy to narrow a search with flexible terms available for you to define in the property description.

Stop losing the revenue associated with the gaps in your calendar. Let us help you get started today:

Mass Import Capability Available

For more than 100 properties, let us solve the conversion issue for you

Data Entry Services Available

Property information and/or email database contacts

Co-Marketing Services

Many opportunities available to ensure the success of your placement with OVW