10 Fun Outer Banks Activities for your Adventurous Child

Are you the proud parent of a child that loves to try new things? The Outer Banks is full of great activities for children of all ages. The beaches and sound offer an abundance of activities for children to try and excel in. When on vacation with kids, parents are constantly looking for activities that will entertain and be enjoyable for the entire family. Check out these 10 fun Outer Banks Activities for the adventurous child.

  1. SUP Rentals:  This watersport is taking over the country by storm.  Opposed to surfing where you propel yourself with waves, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) works with a paddle to get you where you want to go.  The boards are bigger and easier to balance and are great in the sound or surf. Paddling is easy to pick up and can be a relaxing or exercising experience depending on what you would like. We suggest renting one or two for the family to try at Ocean Atlantic Rentals.
  2. Surf Kayaking: Does your child stay in the water constantly at the beach? This may be a great activity for him/her. These kayaks are built to surf through the waves while the rider uses the paddle to navigate the wave.  We recommend this for older children, as the waves can cause a crash.  We suggest renting these at Ocean Atlantic Rentals.
  3. Skateboard at the Skate Park: The Outer Banks YMCA runs a great skatepark that is open to skateboards, roller blades, bikes, and scooters.  Helmets, knee and elbow pads are required. The skatepark is available to the public for $10 per day or $30 per week.
  4. Try a Parasailing Adventure:  Soar high above the Outer Banks when you try parasailing! The expert parasailing crew will tow you to your designated height where you will be able to see breathtaking views of your favorite attractions on the Outer Banks! Tows can be by single, double or triple capacity. We suggest booking with Wild Bill’s Watersports http://www.obxwaterworks.com/
  5. Ride along and see the Corolla Wild Horses:  One of the few places left with horses roaming the wild, visiting the Corolla Wild Horses is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Hop on a beach buggy and learn the history of Corolla and horses while driving on the beach to find the horses. You are guaranteed to see these horses in the wild. We suggest Corolla Wild Horse Tours http://www.seecorollawildhorses.com/tours/
  6. Dolphin Watch Tours: Have a child who loves dolphins? The Outer Banks plays home to many pods of dolphin throughout the year and these tours can get you right up next to your child’s favorite animal.  We suggest Nags Head Dolphin Watch Tour http://www.nagsheaddolphinwatch.com/
  7. Take a Charter Fishing Trip: Who doesn’t love to go fishing? Whether inshore or offshore, spending a day with the family trying to reel in the big catch is a day well spent! Here is a list of great charters on the Outer Banks: http://www.outerbanks.org/outerbanks-fishing-and-hunting/
  8. Hang Gliding: Take flight with Kitty Hawk Kites at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head. Offering children and adult beginner dune hang gliding lessons, this is fun on the dunes for the whole family. http://www.kittyhawk.com/hang-gliding/
  9. Jet Skis: Who doesn’t love to go fast on the water? Take a jet ski out on the sound and enjoy the open water flying by. We suggest Kitty Hawk Watersports http://www.kittyhawk.com/hang-gliding/
  10. Try the JetPak Adventure: You’ve seen it on TV shows like Eastbound and Down, now try it for yourself! Hook yourself to the JetPak and fly above the water for a fun time: Available at Kitty Hawk Kites http://www.kittyhawk.com/adventures/jetpak/

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