Live Music is Alive and Well on Hatteras Island

When I spent some time on Hatteras Island in mid-June, I was struck by how many local restaurants offered live music at varying times during the day and week.  We found this to be true in all of the towns that we visited on Hatteras, including Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo (the tri-villages), Avon and Hatteras Village itself.

So, I started to wonder if this was a trend, or if like most homeowners down there, I just don’t get to see my house much during the rental season.  If it’s the latter, I’m going to have to change my rental calendar to accommodate more visits in-season to check up on the local music scene, because it was fun.

Just the places we visited that seem to be pretty active in promoting local music down there included StingWray’s (Rodanthe), Watermen’s Bar & Grill (attached to Real in Waves) and the Hatteras Sol Deli and Cafe (Hatteras Village).  What was great about these venues was that their entertainment was spread out during the week, for example StingWray’s had several bands on a Wednesday night, Watermen’s had music on Monday, Thursday and Saturday (during check-in rush) and Hatteras Sol had a very pleasant outdoor acoustic show for Sunday brunch. This started me on a search to find and publish what I can regarding the upcoming live music schedule on Hatteras.  Here is what I found for approximately the month of July.  

 There are a couple of restaurants that I have not been able to reach yet (Sandbar Grille, Open Water Grill and Mac Daddy’s) that I am pretty sure also have music.  If I get information from them I will update the post.

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